Best Websites For Finding Work In The UK

This is a list of website that I have personally used and found work in hospitality since early 2006. There plenty of websites to find work in hospitality but I would rather focus on what I have used and had success from in the UK. However, if there any really good ones that I have not mentioned and have been great for you then please feel free to comment and I will have a look.


I have used WorkAbout for several years while I was in the UK and needed to find a job quickly with decent money and accommodation. Yes, that is right, this website is not only giving you a job that you can earn a decent wage but also provides accommodation. The best part about this website that it’s free, easy to use and directly to the employer with no agency.

As you properly notice that this site is for main hospitality and leisure jobs such as bar work, in front of the house, waiter, chefs, housekeeping, night porter, etc. This is ideal for a single person, friends or couple’s that have experience in the industry and like to earn some money while travelling.

Before applying to any of the roles, make sure that you do some research on where is the location of the role because sometimes they are miles away from any town, and if you don’t drive then you will be stuck to get there or even escape on your days off.

Another thing to take note is your Working Visa and check for restrictions. You will find this information on the WorkAbout website under “Working Holiday Information

The interview stage can work in a different way compare to other jobs. So in my experience, they would do a telephone interview to find more about you. Then they would offer a trial shift for a few days which will be paid and free accommodation. Just remember that they don’t pay for travel so you will need to take that on board. This can be challenging when you going to places like the North of Scotland and don’t drive.


Gumtree can be a useful site for many things from buying secondhand items, renting accommodation, buying cars and other services but I do warn you that scams are also as likely to happen on here. I have used this website for years to find work and also renting rooms, and I have never been scammed or tricked…yet.

I think you have to use common sense and if you see something too good to be true the…well you know maybe it is!

In the past, I have found live-in accommodation for bar work across the UK, and this is like WorkAbout but without doing a profile and instead of emailing the employer via gumtree. Sometime it will be the company website that they will refer you to apply. Unfortunately, there are not that many live-in hospitality jobs on gumtree like there were back in early 2005.

You can place an advert on gumtree if you are seeking for work and offer you services from nail technicians, freelance work, washing cars, decorating or anything that you feel you could offer.


Indeed are one of the largest websites, and I have not only used them for the UK but also in Australia when I was travelling. It’s a simple and easy website to use, and the mobile app works on Apple and Andriod.

Once you setup your profile you can upload your CV and you can modify if you need to. You can also make your CV public so recruitment can find you and contact you. This has happened to me a few times when I had emails saying that they are interested in my CV and would like to discuss a possible role that I may be interested in. You can also leave your CV as private if you wish and only use it when you are applying for a job.

Indeed also has a “Company Review” which is very useful to use if you want to find more about the company that you will be working for. It’s normally employees and ex-employees that leave reviews on pay, working conditions and has a Q&A section.

They also have a “Find Salaries” that you can find out what is the average pay for a job role that you are looking for. This will reflect on the area as well, for instance when I look for “bar work” I normally see London pays a little more on average compare to Manchester.

The “Interview” section is good too if you want to prepare yourself and see what questions they will ask and how the process works. The employee would normally write this so take note of what they are saying.


Glassdoor is a big website that works in North America, Brazil, Argentina, most EU countries, India, Australia and New Zeland.

I have only recently used Glassdoor to find hospitality jobs and they seem to be pretty good. I did get a few offers with live-in accommodation for bar work in the past.

They do have an app that will for Apple and Andriod which is useful if you are on the go and looking for work. The website has similar features as Indeed but I have not used Glassdoor as much as Indeed.


CV-Libary is a UK job search website that I have used it for mainly for Animal work, don’t know why but I have more success from there for that kind of work.

There two things that I like about this website and one of them is that you can pay £9.99 to upgrade your chances of finding work. If you pay the “Premium” your profile will stand out more if employers are looking for let’s say Animal Technicians, your profile will come up on top of their search. It will also have a “featured” premium branding on your profile. Also, you will have an industry review experts looking at your CV to help to improve it and give you a score out of 100.

CV-Libary also has “Courses” which is brilliant if you want to gain more qualifications in something that you want to improve on. There are free courses too but most you will have to pay. You can do these online and once completed you will receive a certificate.

So these are the websites that I use to find work and I hope you find something useful but feel free to comment below if you know any good website that works for you and to which industry.

Good-luck if you are looking for work!

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